Apple Cloud

The Apple Cloud is the most popular cloud computing and storage service. It was launched on October 12, 2011 by one of the most popular technology company Apple Inc. The cloud computing is a growing trend in the remote computing industry. Basically, the cloud computing is a type of computing that is based on resource sharing rather than the localized and dedicated servers for computing.

The Apple iCloud offers many benefits to customers. It allows users to store data such as iOS applications, music and contacts on the remote computer servers. Storing data on the remote servers is beneficial because this data can be downloaded to multiple devices independent of the original location. It can be accessed by using iOS-based devices or a personal computer with popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. It iCloud also works as a data syncing center which keeps the data on the device, such as contacts, mail, calendars and reminders, which then sync with the remote computer servers. The users can also enable the auto syncing option in their iOS devices to make a backup of their device’s data.

Apple Cloud

Apple iCloud also offers other interesting features such as Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, iCloud Keychain, and iWork for iCloud etc. The “Find My iPhone” is an amazing feature that allows users to track the geographical location of their iPhone in case the owner has misplaced it or if the iPhone had been stolen. If a user worries about the privacy of the content on the iphone, he can remotely change the password of the device as well as erase the content completely. It can also allow users to play a sound on the device. Find My iPhone is a free of charge service that protects and finds the iOS devices.

The “Find My Friends” feature is really similar to Find My iPhone. However, it allows the users to intentionally share their location with friends and family. All these locations were determined by using the built in GPS in the iOS devices. It is more of a socializing feature and helps friends and family to connect with each other more often and remain up to date about the daily activities.

Apple iCloud also provides a secure database feature known as iCloud Keychain. It allows users to store all their sensitive information such as website login passwords, Wi-Fi network passwords and credit card security codes. iCloud Keychain securely stores all this information and makes the devices more secure. It uses a 256-bit AES encryption technique because Apple is extremely careful about the users’ information. This sensitive data can also be accessed by the users’ other trusted devices.

Apple iCloud is a revolution in the remote computing industry and it is growing rapidly.

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