Business VoiceEdge

Are you a small or medium business looking to maximize your voice communications service?

Clarus Communications, an authorized Comcast® Business Class partner, is proud to offer Business VoiceEdge™. This powerful solution combines the powerful features of hosted PBX along with Comcast Business Services to create a small business solution which can have a real impact at your business.

Business VoiceEdge

As any business owner will tell you, having the right voice communications service is critical to the long term success of any business. Business VoiceEdge™ is the right voice communications service solution. Business VoiceEdge™ can connect remote and multiple locations together providing you with a seamless solution to help drive business. Since it is a hosted PBX solution, it can drive down costs since you do not have a high capital expenditure with this solution.

Business VoiceEdge™ from Comcast® Business Class is the solution for clients who are looking for a powerful solution at a low cost.

CLICK HERE If you are looking to see if Business VoiceEdge™ is an option for your business, or contact us at 309-603-0555 so we can discover your needs and customize a solution for you.