Siemens VoIP Solution

Siemens OpenScape Office MX is a native IP communications solution that incorporates the latest in internet voice technology. It’s designed and priced specifically for small and medium enterprises and because it uses genuine open standards it integrates seamlessly into any IT environment.

Siemens Phone Systems

Siemens Phone Systems are easy to install and fits quickly and elegantly onto any IP network for on-site installation in just a couple of hours. There are no additional boxes or applications to stock purchase or install. Web-based management and intuitive wizards make it easy to configure, use and maintain and it can easily be scaled from 20 up to 150 users, as your needs change.

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With such easy installation and maintenance, your support time will be reduced, saving you money too.

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Clarus Communications, a Siemens dealer partner, will get you a no cost – no obligation review of their IP Phone System. Once we identify the right Siemens solution for your needs, our staff of seasoned telecom professionals will ensure a smooth transition.

We have the technical partner team to design, install and maintain your Siemens OpenScape Office MX solution which will exceed your expectations.

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VoIP Phones make managing a VoIP Phone System easy.