Star2Star Communications

Star2Star Communications provides a business-class, reliable Internet Voice Over IP phone solution through a unique end-to-end architecture.

Star2Star Communications monitors and manages all aspects of the desktop phones, voice prioritization, call routing, disaster recovery, network and call quality.

Pre-installation network monitoring and assessments for each new install ensures that customers do not experience dropped calls or fractured speech quality. Existing telephone numbers have the same portability as they would with any other telco service.

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The fully integrated approach from Star2Star Communications is proven to provide powerful features, superior quality, guaranteed reliability and dramatic savings on phone costs for small to mid-sized organizations.

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Clarus Communications, a Star2Star Communications master dealer, provides a no cost – no obligation review of your VOIP Phone System needs. Once we identify the right Star2Star solution, our staff of seasoned telecom professionals will ensure a smooth transition.

We have the technical team to design, install and maintain your Star2Star Communications solution which will exceed your expectations.

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