Telnes Broadband is a privately held Internet & Managed Network Services Provider focused on 100% customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2003, Telnes designs, builds and manages private networks and provides Internet access to thousands of customers in 49 States. Customers choose them for enhanced support, cost savings and technical solutions.

Telnes Broadband

Based in Everett Washington, Telnes Broadband monitors the health and performance of managed devices and Internet connectivity 24/7. Customer monitoring policies track utilization, uptime and even employee Internet abuse-depending on the service. It alerts the client based on thresholds and events. This helps you with capacity planning, faster resolutions and proactive problem detection.

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Telnes’ Broadband online web portal allows you to track performance and view valuable network information.

Clarus Communications is proud to partner with Telnes Broadband to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients exceed their expectations.

As part of the 45 carriers we offer, Telnes Broadband is the reliable source for your business.

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