Zayo Group is a nationwide fiber based company who specialized in bandwidth.

Enterprises and large users of bandwidth rely on Zayo to bring them the bandwidth needs. With over 11,000 buildings lit and over 72,000 route miles, Zayo is major telecommunications provider which can meet the growing demands of your business. They are a combination over 17 acquisitions including of Adesta Communications, American Fiber Systems, Onvoy, Voicepipe, and AboveNet.

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Zayo Bandwidth

The breadth of their bandwidth portfolio is one aspect that sets them apart. Dark Fiber, SONET, Ethernet and IP Services are just a couple of the different offerings from Zayo.  This provides our clients a real opportunity to work with a leader in the IP Space with so many different product sets.

Clarus Communications is proud partners with Zayo to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients exceed their expectations.

As part of our 45 carriers we offer, Zayo Bandwidth is the reliable source for your business.

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