Cable Services

Understanding the value cable services – internet, cable TV and cable phone service – can bring to your business is a tough decision. We make it easy! We are partners with all the major cable services providers, saving you time and money!

Clarus Communications can help!

Cable Services

We work together with our clients to see if the cable service provider’s offerings are a match with our clients’ needs.  Cable internet is a great backup for your network and can provide very high-speed data for your business.

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Listed below are the cable services we represent:

• Coax Cable Internet
• Coax Cable TV
• Coax Cable Phone Service
• Fiber Cable Internet
• Fiber Cable TV
• Fiber Cable Phone Service
• Cable Could Services

Cable services have become a viable solution for many businesses. Based on their availability, both cable services and cable fiber services can be an incredible alternative to traditional t1 services.

Also each of the cable providers is expanding their products sets to include Hosted Exchange, Ethernet Services, SIP Trunking and hosted PBX.

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