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Microsoft SharePoint is a sophisticated technology that keeps getting better with each new update. However, relying solely on its default features may not always meet your specific needs. Every customer faces unique challenges, objectives, and demands. As a trusted technology services provider, we provide customized SharePoint Development Services to effectively transform your company’s information into a valuable resource that your employees will appreciate and rely upon.

Using advanced technologies like Microsoft Azure and SharePoint, we enhance the use of existing core functionalities and services. This approach allows us to allocate your SharePoint Development budget towards tailor-made solutions that boost your employees’ productivity. We prioritize user interface and user experience, ensuring they remain at the center of every SharePoint project we undertake.

Why SharePoint Intranet is the Ultimate Solution:

  1. SharePoint Leads as the Preferred Intranet Solution Worldwide: In numerous surveys focused on intranets and digital workplaces, SharePoint consistently emerges as the top choice globally. This widespread popularity assures our clients that organizations across various industries are harnessing the power of SharePoint to achieve impressive results.
  2. Seamless Integration with Office 365 & Other Microsoft Tools: One of SharePoint’s key advantages is its effortless integration with various Microsoft products and services, requiring no additional assistance from us. Furthermore, SharePoint offers reciprocal integration, allowing you to connect your intranet with Microsoft Teams and other compatible tools. This seamless compatibility makes Microsoft SharePoint an ideal solution for enhancing collaboration across your organization.
  3. Scalable, Flexible, & Customizable: SharePoint offers exceptional scalability, making it suitable for companies of different sizes, from 100 to 100,000 employees. It caters to a wide range of functions, including internal communication, content management, collaboration, robust search capabilities, and more. Additionally, SharePoint’s flexibility empowers organizations to customize and tailor the platform to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for their unique requirements.
  4. Supports Content Publishing Needs: Intranets revolve around content, and our customers can fully leverage SharePoint for advanced content publishing and management. This capability precisely meets their requirements for handling sensitive internal communications, where content must be meticulously managed and safeguarded.
  5. Document Sharing & Management: Many businesses heavily rely on documents for information distribution, collaboration, knowledge assets, and project output. SharePoint’s robust document library features play a crucial role, enabling document sharing, distribution, knowledge management, collaboration, and various other functions.
  6. Supports Content Targeting & Personalization: SharePoint intranets offer personalized capabilities that allow different types of content to coexist or be specifically targeted to individual employees. Additionally, SharePoint integrates with Active Directory profiles, facilitating a fully customizable and harmonious solution.
  7. Modern SharePoint Interface: SharePoint’s modern experiences have undergone continuous enhancements in recent years. This modern interface not only delivers a significantly improved intranet experience but also empowers the intranet team to rely less on external assistance and confidently manage changes internally.
  8. Microsoft’s Ongoing Investment in SharePoint: Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to SharePoint and SharePoint Online is evident through their consistent investment in the development of advanced capabilities designed to facilitate the implementation of intelligent intranets. By choosing to invest in SharePoint, you can have full confidence in acquiring an intranet solution that will continually improve and evolve, offering additional features and enhanced functionality over time.

Expert SharePoint Development

SharePoint serves as an extremely flexible platform, enabling our development team to create tailor-made solutions that precisely align with our clients’ needs. To expedite the deployment of Microsoft solutions without compromising the user experience, we have developed our own frameworks and templates. This strategic approach optimizes the speed of implementation while maintaining an outstanding user experience.


Requirements Gathering & Architecture Definition

  • Engage in collaborative discussions with internal stakeholders to outline your needs and establish the structure of the system.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes that encompass branding, global and local navigation, homepage content, role-based access, and content page templates.
  • Thoroughly evaluate features and settings, suggesting potential enhancements and customizations to meet your unique requirements.
  • Conclude the architecture phase and provide comprehensive design specifications for implementation.


SharePoint Intranet Portal Implementation

  • Develop a pilot site that allows IT and business stakeholders to conduct thorough testing and offer valuable feedback, while also gaining hands-on experience in creating and managing content.
  • Prepare detailed documentation outlining user roles and responsibilities.
  • Conduct training sessions for intranet administrators to ensure they can effectively manage and administer the intranet.
  • Deploy all sites and offer dedicated support to users and IT personnel for a three-week period to ensure a smooth transition and address any emerging issues.


Ongoing Support

  • Provide flexible and cost-effective support options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Keep you informed about the latest SharePoint features and updates that could impact your business.
  • Assist in establishing an Intranet Center of Excellence to encourage continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.
  • Offer guidance and support for user-generated enhancement requests, fostering a collaborative approach to enhancing the intranet experience.

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