Cox Business

Cox Business is a cable system operator in 25 states.

Cox Business provides organizations broadband solutions including voice, data, internet and cable TV options which drive results.

Based in Georgia and the third largest cable provider, Cox Business helps businesses achieve their infrastructure goals. Cox Business is a great choice for business customers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional phone companies or CLECs.  You can use Cox Business as either your primary or secondary business connectivity option which can save you money.

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Cox Business

Providing one connection for organizations which includes business voice, data and internet makes Cox Cable a great solution for your business. Cox Cable is a great backup strategy for your business as a disaster recovery plan.

Since Cox Cable uses a completely different network than a traditional telecommunications company, it is a great way to bring a diverse path into your business for redundancy.

Clarus Communications is a proud partner with Cox Business to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients control their expenses which increasing flexibility with their business phone services.

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