Data Services

Does your business need faster high speed data service speeds?

Data service providers are rapidly developing new products and technologies to keep their data speeds moving faster and more economically to combat this issue.

You need a partner who can help you manage your data services, connectivity and speeds.

Clarus Communications can help!

We pride ourselves on our technical staff who are appraised of the latest and greatest data services innovations to keep your business in the fast lane of the information superhighway.

Data Services

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If you have multiple sites, you know the importance of sharing data services quickly between them.

Clarus can help you identify cost effective solutions which can deliver much higher bandwidths and reliability, and manage voice, video and data, across a single pipe. Technologies such as MPLS and Cloud Networking can provide fantastic SLAs (Service Level Agreements) at very reasonable prices.

Coax Cable high speed internet service connections are also an option from our telecommunication providers. Many times these cable providers can deliver speeds up to 30 Mbps download for only a few dollars per day.

Wi-Fi, Fixed Wireless and Wimax are also technologies that Clarus Communications can deliver where available.

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