Ethernet Services

Ethernet Services are a High Speed Internet service which allows incredible internet speeds to be attained for a local network.

Typical Ethernet customers are located in a metro area near a High Speed Internet Provider, that have fiber access and run business applications at 10 Mbps or more. Distance plays a huge role in service availability for this High Speed Internet Service.  Also important in Ethernet Services are the different types of offerings which each carrier provides.

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Ethernet Services

If you need High Speed Internet Service, then Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet might be the answer for you.   Since Ethernet service can be delivered over copper or coax, it is an affordable and readily available service.

Ethernet services are a higher-bandwidth, lower-cost alternative to frame relay links if you have multiple locations and have high-bandwidth demands which can increase speed times for applications for off-site storage with a High Speed Internet Provider.

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