Level 3

Level 3 is a global provider of local and long distance services for enterprise customers.

Level 3 offers a broad product set based on fiber services which can provide high speed solutions to keep your business connected. Started in 1998 they have focused on making its infrastructure world-class. Level 3 is a combination of acquisitions including Wiltel, Progress Telecom, ICG, Telcove, and Looking Glass Networks. The acquisition of Global Crossing strengthened their global presence as well as reach throughout the world.

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Level 3

With all of these networks combined, they have garnered global attention as an IP Solution provider. Level 3 Communications can connect enterprise and governmental customers making your organization seamlessly feel and function like one site, regardless of location.

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Clarus Communications is proud to partners with Level 3 to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients grow and flourish.

As part of the 45 carriers we offer, Level 3 Communications is the proven source for your business.

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