Based in Louisville KY, Lightyear Communications provides advanced telecommunications services to companies nationwide. As a true partner in the Louisville, Lexington, and Pikeville areas, Lightyear can supply your business the voice, data and VoIP Products you are looking for.

Lightyear provides a client the ability to combine all of their services with one carrier. This saves our clients’ time and money!  We can help your business understand how Lightyear Communications is able to help you.   It is hard to find a carrier in this part of the county, so they are a great solution for your business.   Also, with their award-winning support, you can count on them to be there for the long haul.

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Lightyear Communications

Clarus Communications is proud to partner with Lightyear Communications to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients bridge their business into tomorrow.

As part of the 45 carriers we offer, Lightyear Communications is the proven choice for your business.

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