About MetTel
MetTel is a leading provider of customized, integrated and managed communications solutions for enterprise customers. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, MetTel enables enterprise companies to easily deploy and manage technology-driven voice, data, wireless and cloud solutions nationwide. With the most comprehensive offering, the highest quality customer care and project management and the ability to completely manage, maintain and secure your communications needs, our portfolio of customer-centric solutions boosts enterprise productivity, reduces costs and simplifies operations.  Combining customized and managed communication solutions with a powerful platform of cloud-based software, the company’s MetTel Portal® enables customers to manage their inventory, usage, spend and repairs from one simple, user friendly interface. MetTel is a PCI DSS V3.0 Level 1 compliant solution provider. MetTel was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in New York City.


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Based in Bloomington, Clarus Communications is proud to partner with MetTel to bring advanced technologies which can help our clients grow above and beyond where they are now. As part of the 45 carriers we offer, MetTel is the reliable source for your business.

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