SIP Trunking

A SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunk is the new generation of call delivery to your PBX.

A SIP trunk permits your SIP PBX to utilize an internet connection for access Direct Inward Dial (DID) or Direct Outward Dial (DOD) services. SIP and SIP Phones are delivered by many traditional telecommunications providers and are also offered by an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).

SIP trunks are far more efficient than traditional transports like CO trunks, Channelized T-1s or ISDN PRIs, because they do not require the catacomb of physical wires that were once necessary to delivers these services.

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SIP trunks are simply accessed through the internet connection that your company uses to access the World Wide Web.

Session initiation protocol – SIP

Most businesses are attracted to the price of SIP. On average, SIP is 50% less than similar ISDN pricing, and 20% less the price of equivalent analog services.

So SIP, SIP PBX, and SIP Phones make an immediate impact on the bottom line.

SIP also offers amazing disaster recovery possibilities. Because SIP is not limited to an installed circuit, they can be activated on ANY internet connection.

For instance, if your facility was affected by a wide spread power outage, your SIP PBX could be moved to another location that had power and internet. Immediately the system would be functional, with the same phone numbers that were present at the blackout site by using SIP phones.

Finally, SIP allows for an easy way to create “virtual presences” from a marketing perspective. Our telecommunications providers offer telephone numbers from different cities and states, which can all be provisioned through the same SIP interface.

Setting up a business in a new state is as easy as a few clicks and suddenly your are placing and receiving calls from 5 states away using a SIP PBX and SIP Phones, with no premium call forwarding charges or additional usage charges.

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