Software as a Service

Software as a service, sometimes called SaaS, is where a software service provider is hosting your application and you are accessing it over the internet.

So the SaaS software you are accessing does not reside on your computer. By using Software as a Service your company can begin to have easier administration of applications because users can get to them through a web browser.  You will not need to maintain as many servers, applications or access when you move to this model.

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Software as a Service

When working with Software as a Service provider, you will either need to have your own IT equipment within a data center or secure Infrastructure as a Service as well. This is why many providers of SaaS are also Infrastructure as a Service providers as well.

Software as a Service includes the following:

• Database Applications
• Document Management
• File Sharing
• Fax Solutions
• Google Apps for Business
• Microsoft 365

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